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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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DAILY LIMERICK 10/17/2018:
Oktoberfest! German stuff's hot!
But food-wise… Let's take stock! We've got
sauerbraten and schnitzel,
'mong its Greatest Hits… Still,
eat German? Be All-End All's brats!


SLAPPIN' AND YAPPIN' 10/17/2018:
Daily Limerick has entered its Twentieth Year of..er, um Service! (We turn 20 on July 12, 2019!)…

Throughout history, bars have been the place to socialize, hang out, relax and find romantic interests. This despite the fact that near refrains among singles have long been on the order of, "I'm sick of the bar scene, but…" or "I'm not a big drinker, but…" With it as a given that online dating is a sinister, evil, awful pestilence inflected upon society, I'd like to spawn a revolution in socializing!

Let's get rid of this obsession with drinking in the social, specifically romantic equation and replace it with something that EVERYBODY does--eating!

Hey, you spend hours in a bar or bars but, practically speaking, can't just imbibe the whole time, so you NURSE those drinks! As, take it from me, you can NURSE a meal. Finish that, still wanna hang? Grab an appetizer in addition and NURSE that!

Let's start seein' singles restaurants!

As someone whose hideously checkered past has eliminated alcohol from my social equation, I tired long ago of hitting bars because it's "required." Instead, with a night off, urge to get out a bit… Hey, I've already started it, so jump in on it and make it the new trend!

Guess you could call it "restaurant hopping"…
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