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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
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Sloop and the Magnificent Musical Nut Wagon
We started it, so don't need reason,
but Salisbury Steaks have been teasin'--
thanks to sched., missed 'ficial Day!
So've no choice, but to say…
It's now Salisbury Steak Season!


In locales with temperate climates, as they call them, seasons transform most everything. Here in Chicago, for instance, there are practically two cities. One in spring-summer/warmth, a whole different animal in fall-winter/cold. Differing recreational activities, wardrobes…and yes, cooking.

For Warm Chicago, I aim to utilize microwaveable or stovetop entrees, even sometimes enjoying cold meals, like sub sandwiches. This doesn't mean I completely avoid the oven in summer--now and then one just has to cook up a frozen pizza--but my fridge contents and grocery lists cater to a summery feel.

And while I love the differing seasons--was really thrown off when I lived in L.A. by their lack--and enjoy the fruits each offers, I've gotta say I'm more of a Cold Chicago person. Love hangin' by my fireplace, the extra pockets cold wardrobes provide and, perhaps most of all, Cold Chicago cooking!

Already bought my first pork roast of the season and will be on that tomorrow night!

Of course, despite meteorological and astronomical definitions, the seasons don't have solid "borders" and, in fact, practically speaking, change back and forth, especially in the spring and fall. I've experienced Halloweens wearing shorts in the Windy City! Likewise, microwave meals may indeed still be dictated here and there.

And, as is usually the case this time of year, since snacking is a part of this overall seasonal equation, I am again left to deal with a veritable stash of ice cream leftover, but we all have our crosses to bear…
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