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Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Sloop and the Magnificent Musical Nut Wagon
Non-single guys, scoring where can for their
egos...who are feet and toes fans? Occurs
to me, need a hybrid term
to name this type of worm--
and so I dub them, "Phalang-erers"!


Daily Limerick has now hit FIFTEEN YEARS of, um, "service," as of July 12!...

As classic monster movie fans, and gut-reaction update of classic monster movie naysayers, we at Daily Limerick just got around to watching some of these newer takes. "The Mummy," "The Wolfman" and "Van Helsing," specifically.

And... Okay, we'd just be piling-on every other critic's chief complaint to mention the modern "special effects are all that's needed" horror flick philosophy.

But have you noticed that these directors are addicted to special effects? Not just as a crutch. They toss these everywhere, leading to flicks loaded with so much going on it's impossible to follow completely.

More importantly... Well, call us old-fashioned to demand this in a horror film, but these flicks aren't even scary...
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