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Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Sloop and the Magnificent Musical Nut Wagon
Lent--faithful, for tasty foods, wish!
And I've noted many fine dish
with face-stretching smiles!
Guess 'cause Lent we wile
away eating whole lotta fish!


While I'm no religious practitioner of Lent, ads and the world at large have me craving seafood offerings this time of year. So upon hearing ads for Burger King's Spicy Big Fish, priced with its two-for-$5 sandwich deal, I could hardly wait to give it a whirl…and review it here.

As a fish sandwich, quite good--and priced delightfully. My issue is the whole "spicy" thing.

Now, I'm a spicy kinda guy. Most of the time, when foods are dubbed "spicy," "hot," etc., I don't find them so much so. I can handle, and very much enjoy, downright hot cuisine. Which perhaps makes me cosmopolitan, defying the stereotype of Americans as needing their ethnic, etc. meals "blanded down."

Nonetheless, I could barely, if at all, distinguish this "Spicy" Big Fish from the regular version. I even sipped a beverage to clean my palate before nibbling a small piece of the fish patty itself to find no "spicy" registering with the tastebuds.

Maybe that's just me and Slapper Yapper Grasshopper Americans, of the non-cosmopolitan variety, will indeed find the sandwich "spicy."

In any event, a good fish sandwich in either variety, although I must say the McDonald's Filet o' Fish is the best of the fast-food line, except of course for the offerings at Long John Silver's…but that's another topic so, as the bad comics so often warn, don't get me started...
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