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Sloop's Publication List


" Your website needs some work, too.  It just rambles from one thought to another."

--Some PR schmuck, responding to a query


(Roughly in chronological order, by appearance of first piece)

Hockey Digest (silly pro-fighting “Letter to the Editor” as a shaver in the ’70s)

Johnsburg (IL) Weekly News (high school newspaper, as columnist, writer and Feature Editor)

Penthouse (pathetic letter to sex columnist)

Northwest Herald (Illinois’ McHenry County—“Letter to the Editor”)

Amazing Stories (“Letter to the Editor”)

Rational Recovery Self-Help Network’s (RRSN) Chicagoland Regional Update(as editor, writer and cartoonist; also, novel excerpts)

The Journal of Rational Recovery (national)

Gauntlet (national “alt” pub)

RRSN’s Midwest Update (as editor, writer and cartoonist; also, novel excerpts)

Columbia College Chicago Chronicle (as columnist, managing editor and editor-in-chief; features, news, editorials—most every type of newspaper writing, even poetry, wacky Photoshop design and cartoons)

MAD Magazine (in-house writing, as 1996 intern, and freelance)

Tunnel Rat (as publisher and editor-in-chief; design, news/features, cartoons, poetry—everything imaginable)

Chicago Artists’ News (in-office, as editor-in-chief and, as freelancer, columns, news features and more)

The Artist’s Self-Help guide to Grantwriting, Chicago Artists’ Coalition,1998. Co-editor.

San Francisco Chronicle

Entertainment Today (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles Daily News (in-office, feature writing as editorial assistant and staff writer)

Artweek (West Coast focused)

Near West/South Gazette (Chicago neighborhood pub)

Chicago Pride (in-house, staff writer)

Denver Pride(in-house, staff writer)

Seattle Pride(in-house, staff writer)

PerformInk (Chicago; theater, etc. pub)

Chicago Tribune RedEye Edition

Chicago Sun-Time Red Streak Edition

New York Times (“Letter to the Editor”)

Birthday Alarm (online greeting cards)

Artists’ Gallery Guide: Chicago and the Surrounding Areas, 2005 Edition. Chicago: Chicago Artists’ Coalition, 2005. (Editor/publisher)

Artists' Self-Help Guide: Publicity Copyright Issues, Contracts, and Funding at Grants, 2005 Edition. Chicago: Chicago Artists’ Coalition, 2005. (Editor/publisher)

Continental Features/Continental News Service (“The News of Our Time—In Rhyme”)

http://www.justsayhi.com/bb (Internet Quizzes)

Chicago Architect


Lazy Green People (Web site)

CenterstageChicago.com (Chicago Sun-Times)

The Heckler (local--Chicago--sports humor)


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