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A man who with women was good

convinced this girl, Holly, she should.

He gave her his vine

by the Hollywood sign

into "Holly" this man put the "Wood."


A convict they called Johnny Chung

had a Willie so big that it swung

right down to his toes.

When he hit the gallows

was set free-'twas already hung!


There once was a stripper named Helen

whose breasts were each big as a melon

from stage she bent over

her breast killed poor Grover

and now each of her breast's a felon.


There was a big trucker named Jerry

who was bright blond and quite hairy.

He flashed old Georgette

who gave it a pet

because she thought it a canary.


A policeman whose hormones ran free

had no one to service his wee.

He pretended his beef

was a young urban thief

and his right hand the LAPD.


There once was a girl from Peru

whose coochie secreted a glue.

When her twot got itchie

she boffed Lionel Richie

and that's when he wrote, "Stuck on You."


A fellow named Martin J. Spivy

was jilted by Lady Godivey.

So the next time that beauty

rode 'round showin' her booty

he lined her path with fresh poison ivy.


A lonely old hippie tree hugger

had sex mostly as a self-tugger.

Once during a choke

found a hole in an oak

and proceeded to be a tree buggerer.


Thank Heavens for Jennifer Beals!

And all of her dances in heels!

Pre-teen renting Flash Dance

I reached down in my pants

and took joy in quite numerous feels.


A cannibal named Hungry Jake

went to L.A. for a man bake.

His first bite and lick

of some roasted chick

had him cry out, "this stuff tastes fake!"


A crazed hairy old rough bandito

craved public hair shaped like Dorito.

In fact, when old Paco

spied vertical taco

he'd fill it up with his burrito.


A virgin named Tiffany Howard

carried Kielbasa while she showered.

Said her doctor Quinn

'tis good for the skin

but she fell down and was deflowered.


A serial killer named Suds

made candies out of former buds.

He'd candy the hearts

and coat private parts

in chocolate and call them Milk Puds.


A dame from the hills of Canoga

was hit on whilst she did some yoga.

Revving like an Edsel

he bonked that sweet pretzel

this fellow from old Saratoga.


A fellow quite timid and calm

whacked off a lot-Willie de Balm

He bred his own tree

'twas masturb'tory-

It was a new species of Palm.


There was a young lady named Babs

a nudist who often took cabs.

Ride shared with a slut dip

fresh off a fishing trip

and it seems both of them did catch crabs.


It's St. Pat's Day-ladies will preen

and all think that corned beef is keen.

You should go all out

but leave room for doubt

if even your fluids turn green.


A chef amid making cous-cous

saw a chick with a nice caboose.

She walked really close

he wanted a dose

so reached out and gave a goose-goose.


A homo named Quentin McGrath

tried living a celebate path.

He fought of temptation

with gay masturbation

'til he visited a Turkish bath.


A man with a twirly moustache

one day threw a girls-only bash.

Tickled their insides

with free moustache rides

but the next day his lips grew a rash.


Now most people thought Josie bats

because when she gave her cooch pats

she said it would chatter

so we dubbed the matter

"Josie and her Pussy Chats."


A horny old lawyer named Larry

hired himself a hot secretary.

He hired her to type

and help him lay pipe

and help him forget he did marry.


I guy they called Hair Trigger Louie

with lust easily went Kablooie.

One night, gave looksey

to Spanish TV

and suddenly his pants were gooey.


A man from a faraway land

found Internet sex really grand.

The world's best secretary

a quick typist-well very-

though he only could type with one hand.


A schoolboy whom many found girly

was dragged to the john for a swirly

jocks asked, "no more fag-

surely it's a drag"

he said yes but don't you call me Shirley.


There once was a gay man named Zeke

who'd have sex until he was weak.

Libido'd be fired

and yet he'd feel tired

so he'd just turn the other cheek.


A man who craved a chiseled shape

had the self-control of an ape

at a sculpture show

his Willie did grow

he committed statue-try rape.


A girl from the island of Crete

found giving a blow job a treat

she'd eat lots of snake

and never eat steak

'cause she munched on far too much meat.


A girl learned folks look like their pets

before goin' to see the Rockettes.

With autograph fever

asked 'bout one's pet beaver

whose panties she often forgets.


A girl with a helluvan ass

gave male teachers pure slutty sass.

How far she did go

(with lick and a blow)!

She went to the head of the class!


Now we know most guys don't like dancing

and when they engage in such prancing-

it isn't for fun

their goal Number One:

its trying to do some de-pantsing.


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