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There was a young fella named Trent

who was quite a debonair gent—

but the ranks of his women

did quickly start to slimmin’

when he quit eating pussy for Lent.


There once was a horny Iraqi

who had a strong fetish for khaki.

Watched ads for the Gap

with both hands in his lap

to give his John Thomas a whacky.


I knew an ample bosomed girl

who climbed aboard a Tilt A Whirl—

fell forward, mid ride,

into the lap of Clyde

which gave her a necklace of pearl.


A man who had foreplay for days

slid into a sexual daze

how inside it burned!

—the semen it churned—

and shot in globs like mayonnaise.


A young man from rural Missouri

gave both of his folks quite a worry

’cause he got quite a log

at the sight of hedgehog

—they got him to a shrink in a hurry!


A young nudist known as Adair

had strange and multi-colored hair.

But he often was shot

by the outdoorsy lot

’cause he looked like a peacock down there.


A waitress at a near-bankrupt dina’

was faced with a shortage of China

Got great tips from the guys

but the dames hid their eyes

when she served coffee from her vagina.


There was a young fella from Bristol

whose penis was shaped like a pistol.

Was once robbed by a slut—

puled it out, yelled “My Butt!”—

now his thing’s in her collection of crystal.


A young man and woman, both rube

thought to reproduce in a test tube

so the guy threw his Willie

in the test tube, how silly!

It’s removal’s out-toughed Rubik’s Cube!


There was a young fella named Shayne

who desired to make love to a plane.

With a 7-2-7

he found his bit of heaven

and then got his ass kicked by a train.


There was a young man named Mahoney

who for a job drove a Zambonie

he’d cruise ’cross the ice

eyeing dames who looked nice

bopping on his ice cold blue baloney.


While out for a mid-morning jog

out of nowhere, a man gained a log—

to prevent the log’s waste

hopped a fence, in a haste

and then mounted some old farmer’s hog.


There once was a fine limerick writer

who attached to his dong a Bic lighter.

Now his mate calls him “hot”

but there’re scars on her twot

from the way that cock burns up inside her.


A man who sold shoes barely fed

himself and his cat he named Ned.

But he gets perks through deals

that he gives on high heels

that are soon worn above ladies’ heads.


One day cruising chicks in a mall

I met a young slut who was small

I pulled out, sans cloth

to sop up the broth

absorbed by her hairdo so tall.


There was a young bimbo named Bubbles

whose two friends did always cause troubles.

Yes many a man

had been foiled in his plan

by her pals the, 4-4 and D Doubles.


I man asked a woman quite droll,

“What shall we use for birth control?”

“There’s none that we need?”

said she; “What of my seed?”

said he; “None,” she said, “yo—other hole!”


I once put my cock in a hose

(I thought that it would give good blows)

I cranked up the water

higher than I oughter

and my jism backed up out my nose.


There was a dame, lived on a heath

whose hubby one day did bequeath

a punch in the chops—

he almost made COPS—

for better head comes with no teeth!


Why do they call it “World Wide Web”

My not name it something like “Jeb”?

I found a fine tricky

on line, made me sticky

now I know why—her name is Deb!


There was a pool school boy named Reggie

who one day seemed quite a bit edgy

we asked him, sans tact,

what was up his crack—

turns out he had just got a wedgie!


There was a young sailor named Art

’twas gay as hell, and he loved Bart.

One day found lucky clover—

and for Bart he bent over—

but he screwed up the bang with a fart!


There was a man whom we called Ziggy

who wanted to really get jiggy.

So he went to a dance

but down fell his pants—

a problem? Well, it was no biggie.


In a cooking class, making Gazpacho

I started to feel rather macho.

Turned to my classmate, Rita

(quite a fine señorita)

we together made sauce for her nacho.


There was a young fella’ named Barney

who looked quite a bit like Art Carney.

He’d open his jeans

put his schlong in some beans

and serve chicks his chilie con carne.


I once put a snake in my butt

(thought it’d help me dance the King Tut).

But, once word got around,

all the reptiles in town

came ’roud ’cause they heard I’s a slut.


There once was a biker named Charlie

who liked to make love on his Harley.

He tried 69

one night after much wine—

the exhaust burned his ass rather gnarley.


I know this odd fellow named Shappy

whose love-making skills are quite crappy.

His sex life’s the pits—

he takes what he gets—

and that’s why he caught him the clappy.


My trousers ripped open one day

and my Willie greeted the day.

But to my chagrin

a young lady walked in,

I said, “Help yourself to the buffet.”


Because Javier was a junky

with hard-ons he was quite a flunky.

His schlong was so iffy

when he’d get a jiffy

he’d stop on the spot and spank monkey.


I knew a girl—dressed as a Djinni

for Halloween night—what a scen-ey!

That showed off her tummy

which looked so damn yummy

that I showed her my Halloweenie!


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